What are Pathways?

What are Pathways?

Pathways are roadmaps for students to help determine high school electives, future fields of employment, and/or post-secondary opportunities.  By participating in a pathway, students complete a standard Grade 12 Diploma with all elective classes being tied to their chosen pathway.

Beginning in Grade 10, each student at Scott Collegiate will be a part of a pathway. This decision is made at the end of Grade 9. The 4 pathways are:

  • Construction
  • Food Tourism & Hospitality
  • Communication Media Arts
  • Leadership

A Pathway Experience Looks Like…

Grade 9 – Students will explore all four pathways during this time. By the end of Grade 9, students will choose one pathway to be a part of.

Grade 10 – Students will earn two introductory credits and participate in group community work experiences.

Grade 11 – Students will earn two intermediate credits and participate in group community work experiences.

Grade 12 – Students will earn four advanced credits as well as participate in an individual internship experience.

Pathway Program Benefits

  • Develop industry-specific skills
  • Hands-on learning
  • Work experience
  • Employability skills – help secure a job after graduation
  • Resume-building
  • Based on your interests & strengths
  • Connections to industry professionals & community organizations
  • Certifications, experience & skills for post-secondary opportunities
  • See value in school/learning
  • Increased confidence & sense of purpose
  • In some cases, students even get paid while completing their pathway requirements!