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An Advanced Placement School

End of the 2015-16 School Year

Another fantastic year at Scot Collegiate is coming to a close.

*Graduation Ceremony and Celebration Tuesday, June 28 at 1p.m.

*Grades 9-11 Students, please pick up your final progress reports on Wednesday, June 29.


We wish you all a safe and relaxing summer with friends and family, and look forward to welcoming you back on your on your educational journey in the fall.

*School Registration opens August 29, 2016.

*September 1st, 2016: first day of classes for the new school year.

End of School Year Approaching!

Last day of classes is Wednesday, June 22.


Until then, work hard, do your best, soak up learning.


Graduation Powwow- Wednesday, June 6

Celebrate the accomplishments of completing Grade 12!

2016 Graduation Powwow at FNUC

Wednesday, June 6

Pipe Ceremony: 7:30am

Registration: 9:00am

Grand Entry: 10:30am



Progress Reports and Conferences

*please note the change to the Conference schedule next week.

Monday, May 16 - Progress Reports issued to ALL students

Wednesday, May 18 - Conferences for Grades 10-12 students ONLY.  Regular classes

                                for the afternoon.

                               Grade nines will be attending a Career Day on this day

Wednesday, May 25 - Conferences for Grade 9 Students in the morning today

                                Regular pm classes.

                                Regular classes for Gr 10-12 students ALL day






Progress Reports and Conferences are Coming Up

To All Parents:

Progress Reports for mid-term will be distributed on MONDAY, May 16

Conferences- an opportunity for you to come to the school to meet with your child and her/his teachers together will be held the morning of Wednesday, May 18.

Regular classes will take place the afternoon of Wednesday, May 18.



We'd love to see you at school everyday,

but please contact the school if you are ill or going to be away- 306-523-3500. 

Email works too! 

#schooleveryday #attendtodayachievetomorrow


Only a few days left to complete Quarter 3.

Work Hard and Celebrate the Rewards of Your Efforts.


Quarter 4 begins April 18. 


Go to to reserve your tickets today.


This event has sold out the past two years.  The chefs have been working hard creating delicious dishes for you try.

Tickets are $5 each and available by reserving online then pay at the door.

Thursday, April 7 at 5:30.


Hope to see you there.


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