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Visual Art Programs

Welcome to the Visual Art Programs offered at Scott Collegiate, taught by Mrs. Cachene.  The programs include: Arts Education 9 and Visual Art 10, 20, 30.

We have also been working on a few other projects:

1.  The Bridging Project with the MacKenzie Art Gallery (Wendy Winter) - Ongoing.

2.  The Photography/ Poetry Project with the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative, Mispon and grade 12 Visual Arts students.

In addition to the above Visual Arts programs, we also provide extra curricular music programming (not-for-credit).   Ms. Susan Bear initiated the program as the "Scott Blues Band", in 2004.  It has since evolved into Guitar Club which is brought into the school by The Regina Public School Board.  Don't let the Guitar Club name fool you, every Thursday at lunch students with none to some experience can come down and learn guitar, bass, drums and keyboard.  The community has been extremely supportive and has provided funding, volunteers and gifts-in-kind to ensure the stability of our program.

Food for thought:

Art Websites:

Student Assignment links - for grade 12 Global Explorations Unit.



Entrepreneurship Business Plan Power Point :


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