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Project-Based Learning

At Scott Collegiate we are working to engage students with projects. Currently, students in grade 11 are working on a Hip Hop Project. 

The Hip Hop Project is twenty-two students in grades 11 and 12, spending their morning earning English and Arts Ed credits while learning about Hip Hop culture.  The Hip Hop Project is offered through a partnership with the University of Regina and Saskatchewan In Motion.  Two morning a week, students work towards earning an Arts Education 20 credit at the Interactive Media and Performance studios at the U of R.  Dr. Charity Marsh facilitates sessions with local Hip Hop DJs, graffiti artists, MCs, and B-Boys and B-Girls.  In one of the studios outfitted with turntables, students learn the art of scratch.  In the other studio, students learn how to use the MPC beat machine and computer software (Audible Live) to make music.  In addition to the music side, Dr. Ann Kipling Brown from the University of Regina as well as her Education Dance students work with our students to learn about various forms of dance, and how dance can be used to enact social change.  When not in the classroom, students are doing activities around the six strands of English Language Arts that relate to Hip Hop.  They are reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing and representing Hip Hop culture.

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