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New Blog

My first blog entry ever!  We're sure busy at Scott these days!  The "project" is buzzing with activity, and the art program is launching several projects that must be coordinated carefully. The students seem to be enjoying the photojournalism and printmaking opportunities made available to us through Mark Taylor from the North Central Community Association and an Art Smart Grant, through the Saskatchewan Arts Board.  As well, thank you MacKenzie Art Gallery and specifically Wendy Winter for providing our students with multiple opportunities to engage with artists, the arts and the Gallery!  Looking forward to working with Shane Bellegarde and Gabriel Yahyahkeekoot, again!  These two amazing artists mentored Scott students in the past, and helped to put together a sweet little "Short Sport" film, "Scott Basketball", that we submitted to the annual Hot Shots Student Film Festival in 2005/06.  They will be visiting our class March 31st, as part of the MacKenzie Art Gallery's "Bridging Project", and we'll be exploring the works of Andy Warhol through film making, silk screening and whatever else they have planned for us.  I love my job!