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Upcoming weeks

Class lists were downloaded today, so feel free to set up your Gradebook at your leisure. Believe it or not, we are about 7 school days away from cutting off for the mid-term reporting period. Please have marks entered into SIRS by 8:30 Tuesday, March 4th. Midterm conferences are set for March 5th, and we will conduct conferences in a format similar to Quarter Two. There will be a Pathfinder Theatre Presentation in the morning, and parents will be invited to attend. We will ensure that each student has a 'passport' and students along with their parent, guardian or significant adult, will visit their subject teachers and pick up their individual Gradebook sheet. They will get a stamp or sticker from each teacher, and once their passport is full they can go to the canteen and turn their passport in for a chili and bannock lunch. (Thank you Raegan.) Wicihitowin teachers will be given the SIRS report card printout to hand out to their Wicihitowin students.

If you have students that you have not seen in your class at all this quarter, please forward their name to me, and we will clean up your class lists.