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Thursday May 22, 2008
Start: 05/22/2008 4:30 am
End: 05/22/2008 6:00 am

For youth ages 15 to 25, in the Saskatchewan Trade & Export Building (Agridome) This is a wonderful opportunity to develop leadership skills and be paid to travel. See Ms. Randall for details.

Friday May 23, 2008
Start: 05/23/2008 3:00 am

Come find treasures and new-2-u items to support our graduates!

Saturday May 24, 2008
Start: 05/23/2008 3:00 am
End: 05/24/2008 4:00 am

Come find treasures and new-2-u items to support our graduates!

Thursday May 29, 2008
Start: 05/29/2008 11:30 am

Contact Jacquie Thompson at University of Regina Youth Mentorship Program  535-8213 or Sara Randall, Guidance.

Tuesday June 03, 2008
Start: 06/03/2008 11:30 am

Come learn about summer jobs (like the Odd-Jo-Squad), make your resume and learn about job interviews. See Guidance For Details.

Thursday June 05, 2008
Start: 06/05/2008 1:00 am
End: 06/05/2008 3:00 am

Students and Families from both the Public School Board and Separate School Board are welcome to learn about Powwow traditions, or participate as dancers, singers and drummers. Please bring members of your family and attend along with your student. Dress for the weather and bring a water bottle. If you have questions or Concerns please contact Sara Randall, 751-2814, a Scott Guidance Counselor.

Start: 06/05/2008 10:30 am

Scott has been chosen to have a student presentation!

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