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Daycare Closure for July and August

Another school year is almost at an end.  Our Centre is closed for July and August, parents can begin registeration for child care on August 25, 2015 for the 2015-2016 school year.  Looking forward to seeing you in the fall!

Storyteller Night - Feb 25

Story Teller Evening

Who:     Winston Wuttunee

              Dennis Omeasoo

              Calvin Racette

What: A night of storytelling

Where: Albert Scott Community Centre

When: Feb. 25th 

4:30 to 5:30 – Exhibition of student projects

5:30 to 7:30 – Soup and bannock served and storytelling presentations


Why: A collaborative project featuring students from Scott Collegiate, Albert Community School, Wascana Community School and Kitchener Community School.


Artist Wally Dion visits Scott

The Daycare is Closed for the Summer

The daycare will be closed on Friday, June 27th.  Please call at the end of August if you are a highschool student looking for daycare. Thanks and have a safe and happy holiday!!Wink

The blog bandwagon

Blogging is cool to keep in touch with my distant friends in Europe and Africa.....

My first Scott blog

blog blog blog blog blog blog

Upcoming weeks

Class lists were downloaded today, so feel free to set up your Gradebook at your leisure. Believe it or not, we are about 7 school days away from cutting off for the mid-term reporting period. Please have marks entered into SIRS by 8:30 Tuesday, March 4th. Midterm conferences are set for March 5th, and we will conduct conferences in a format similar to Quarter Two. There will be a Pathfinder Theatre Presentation in the morning, and parents will be invited to attend.

Rock 100 ROCKS!!!!

Every Tuesday at noon, Trent Leggott from the Rock 100 program comes to Scott to offer music lessons for our students.  The program can be delivered as a "drop in" workshop style, or as a more formal class, focussed on a long term goal, usually a public performance.  So far, so good!  The "drop in" format works quite well for us, and we have a core group of students who are currently working on several songs.  Thank you Rock 100 for helping us meet some of our arts education goals, and for fulfilling our students' creative needs through your strong, and effective pr

Shoot the Ball!

In November, Moose Jaw couple Noel and Angelina Andreoni came to Scott Collegiate to tell about their adventures travelling the world with a basketball, having people everywhere "Shoot the Ball." Read more about their story here, on their website. A recent email update from Noel and Angelina included the two photos below:

Dr. J.

Noel and Dr. J. Julius Erving

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