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Week 5 - May 19 - 22

Tuesday - finish scale drawings

Wednesday - Logo Activity

Find 5 logos you like and write one sentence describing what makes it a good logo. Now, design some sample logos for your company - this will be part of your marketing plan that we will discuss later on!

Thursday - Logo Feedback Presentations

Startup Costs - Loan Calculation

Friday - Class brainstorm: What do you know about Wal-mart?

Preview the following site:

Now, as a class, you will watch the movie The High Cost of Low Prices.

Consider the following BIG questions as you watch:

O - What stories were told in this video? Whose stories?

R - Were these stories sad? Happy? Hopeful? How did the stories make you feel? Why?

I - What do you think the director was trying to say about Wal-mart?

D - Does this video change what you think of Wal-mart?