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Business Development Project 9 - Week 1 April 20-24

Business Development Project 9 - Week 1 April 20-24

Monday: Click here and record what you've learned about Dragon's Den in the organizer below.

Tuesday: Business Brainstorm - click here to see Ms. Jahnke and Mr. Beingessner's Examples. Now, complete your own by opening the document called "Business Brainstorming 2" below! When you are done, put up your hand and we will show you how to save it.

Wednesday: We will be using Gmail to keep track of our coursework. Click here to sign up for your gmail account. Your login name will be your firstname.lastname -- so if your name was Clarence Brokenleg, you would put clarence.brokenleg as your "Desired Login Name." Be sure to choose a password that you will remember! Before clicking "I accept" have your teacher come over to double check that everything is correct!

9:00 - Guest Speaker from Springboard West Innovation!

Thursday: Mission Statements outline the purpose of a business. Click below on the Mission Statement Activity to see if you can match the mission statement to the corporation!

Friday: Log in to your gmail and check out "Documents" - you will find the template for your business plan there (as long as you have submitted an idea to us, that is!)

Next, open the document below entitled "Mission Statement Worksheet" and complete it. Record your draft mission statement in the Business Plan you have in your Google Documents.

Now, go to and search for businesses in Regina that offer similar services to yours! Record this information under "Market Description" in your business plan document. Record the business name, location and contact information, and what services they offer.

Assignments Due by the End of Week #1

Dragon's Den Organizer

Business Brainstorm

Mission Statement Match

Mission Statement Worksheet/Draft Mission Statement for Business

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